An Introduction to the Most Boring Person You Have Never Heard of


You may or may not know me personally, and that’s fine. My name is Jeff, and I have started this blog in an attempt to begin discussing issues facing Christianity in the 21st century. Specifically, I want to address many of the arguments that I hear regularly leveled against religion in general, and Christianity in particular. That is not all that I will be doing; I also plan to review literature, art, and entertainment from a perspective that will hopefully shed some light on challenges and problems with being a person of faith in an increasingly secularized world.

Here is some information about me: I am happily married, I live in Arkansas, I teach High School English, and I – as of yet – do not have any children. My hobbies include reading books and magazines, writing fiction, and playing vidya games. As the title implied, I’m actually rather dull, as far as my personal activities go.

Here is some information about my worldview: I believe that Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God, that he died to atone for the myriad sins of mankind, and that he rose from the dead after being crucified under Pontius Pilate. I believe that the Bible is God’s infallible repository of redemptive revelation. I believe that the Bible is literature, and must also be understood as such. I believe that the universe is not the result of randomness and chaos, but rather of foresight and purpose. I believe that human beings have inherent value as image-bearers of God.

The fact that you have read this far (and, honestly, that you found this place at all) would suggest several things: first, you must have a little free time on your hands (good for you!); second, you must share some interests with me (nobody’s perfect!); third, you must be interested in something somebody else has to say regarding metaphysics, which is to say that you are interested, however tangentially, in the prospect of discussing the nature of reality and truth. I hope you will not be disappointed, whoever you are.



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