Has Science Disproved God?


See you next week
See you next week

But seriously, let’s consider this question. Some people seem to believe that, yes, science can disprove the existence of the God of the Bible. Let’s think about that for a moment. Science has its roots in the philosophy of naturalism, which pre-supposes that nothing outside the natural world exists; this has been discussed elsewhere on this site, but only briefly.

Therefore, naturalism either assumes either that the supernatural does not exist or that it cannot be measured. Here’s where this starts to fall apart. All a naturalist can do when dealing with proving things true or untrue is appeal to the natural world for support. God, by definition, cannot be measured. He is transcendent; He is above the natural laws of the universe (hence, supernatural).

Not that kind of Supernatural
Not that kind of Supernatural

The anti-theist thinker will then, almost invariably, claim that naturalism has only served to remove the need for a transcendent God. They claim that we theistic thinkers are relying on a “God of the Gaps” that only serves to explain concept that humanity doesn’t yet understand. For instance, such skeptics tend to believe that a Christian’s logic must go something like this: “I don’t understand X. Therfore, X must be God’s doing!” The naturalist then claims that science trumps religion because it provides an explanation rather than just an explaining away.

There is some truth to this assertion; examining the natural world has revealed some marvelous truths about God’s design. However, rather than eliminating the need for a transcendent God, it has only heightened our need for such a Creator. According to apologist Ravi Zacharias, every worldview must answer four fundamental questions:
1. Origins: why is there something rather than nothing?
2. The Meaning of Life: what is our purpose?
3. Morality: how do we distinguish between right and wrong?
4. Destiny: what is the final destiny of mankind?

5. Chocolate or strawberry?
5. Chocolate or strawberry?

The naturalist is ill-equipped to deal with each of these, and I plan to explore each one in the coming months. So, to get back to our original question: has science disproved God? It cannot, now or ever, claim to such an act. It is a question that science cannot answer any more than it can give answers to moral question of right or wrong. It would be unfair to science to expect it to provide an answer to that question. It would be the same as asking the Bible to lead to a question raised by calculus; the Good Book is not designed to answer that.

In Christian circles, there is a certain anti-scientific thread that has needled its way into discussions about science, and that stems from a misconception that God has only written one book. In fact, he wrote two: the Book of the Bible, and the Book of Nature. God’s imprint is on the world around us. The heavens declare the glory of God; so says the Psalmist (Psalms 19:1). It would do the Christian well to start reading up on the latter book half as much as they protect the former. We need both to truly understand who and what God is.



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